Blade Signs

What They Are and Why You Need One

If you see a blade sign, you’ll know what it is, but the name of the sign itself is not always easy to place. 

If you need a hint, just think back to the many “iconic” movie moments placed in the medieval era where a prominent swinging sign protrudes from a stone building showcasing the words “Tavern.”

While blade signs don’t usually “swing” nowadays, they are mounted perpendicularly to the side of the building. This makes it easy for a potential customer to look down a street and see the names of all the different storefronts—hence their alternative name: “storefront signs.”

Anyways, if you want your business to be recognized, then a quality blade sign may just be what you need.

What Are Blade Signs?

These outdoor signs can come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. They are very customizable and can give your business a more unique feel.

Types of Blade Signs

There are three main types of blade signs:

  1. Stationary—Though it can come in many different forms and styles, a stationary blade sign is one that does not swing but is fixed in place.
  2. Swinging—A swinging blade sign is able to swing in place. However, blade signs are usually on the heavier side; so, there is no need to worry about your blade sign doing 360s in the wind.
  3. Illuminated—Illuminated blade signs light up in some way, usually via LED lights. These signs are ideal for businesses that are open during the night hours. 

Blade signs are double-sided and can come in a customizable shape. While professional lettering is common, it is not uncommon for “mom-and-pop” stores to use hand-painted lettering to enhance the “feel” of their shop.

Traditionally, wood or metal signs were the go-too, but glass and plastic are also great alternatives.

Benefits of Blade Signs

If you are looking for a great business sign, then blade signs are an ideal choice. 

Classic Look & Feel

For one, they give your business that “classic look” that most downtown shops radiate. Plus, by customizing your blade sign, you can create a certain expectation or feel before a customer even enters your shop.

Easily Recognizable

Blade signs are easily recognizable even if a potential customer is not close enough to read what’s on the sign. Because of all the unique ways they can be shaped, mounted, colored, and more, it is not difficult to identify your business from a far distance.

Great for Downtown Areas

Downtown areas can be full of different small-business and the streets can be narrow. Because of that, blade signs can help separate your business from the other ones around you and, to put it simply, let potential customers know that you exist.

Final Thoughts

All in all, blade signs are ideal for small businesses—especially when surrounded by other small businesses. So, if you’re in the market for a blade sign of your own, feel free to give us a call and we’ll set you up with a fully customizable blade sign!

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